Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nail Tips. Good Looking and Healthy Nails.

Thought they might seem to be the least important, your finger nails attract a lot of attention to oneself. Nails need to be polished well and it is better for you to know what shade you need to apply. Here are a few looks you could use.

Natural Stylish Daytime Look

Day colors have to be easy to wear such as soft red and pink, gentle beige and darkish blue. File nails into short and square style to create a practical sporty effect. Apply a base layer, allow them to dry and then apply two layers of colored polish. Finish off with a top layer.
The Final Look A practical, natural style based on short square nails and a soft, easy to have polish.

Evening Party Look

It is a good chance to try out the shades that you didn't dare to wear during the day. First of all apply a base layer, then two layers of vibrant, fluorescent polish. Add extra shine by using a sparkling silver polish on top of the main colour when it is dry. Finish of with the top layer.
The Final Look Fluorescent colours are great for party as they look so vibrant a layer of sparkling silver polish adds the finishing touch.

Sophisticated Glossy and Glamorous Look

For a grown-up and glossy effect, choose deep dark colors that strike a dramatic note, such as this vampish red. File nails into a long oval shape and apply a base layer. Give nails at least 2 layers of main polish and let them dry thoroughly in between. Finish with a top layer.
The Final Look A dark, dramatic polish gives long nails a touch of glamorous finesse.

French Manicure for the Perfect Cared Looking

This is the best idea for special event when you want your nails to look perfect but not over colored. Apply a base layer and after dry, cover the tips of the nails with white polish. Let them dry and apply a very pale pink or peach polish over the whole nail. When dry apply a top layer.
The Final Look A clean and fresh effect that make the natural shine and color of the nails better.

Nail care Tips
A healthy nail is smooth in texture and has well formed cuticles.

Nails grow faster on a dominant hand of a person. They also grow very quickly when a woman is pregnant and in the summer. The fastest nail's growth is in the middle finger, with the growth rate progressively decreasing on the fourth, second, and fifth fingers and finally the thumb. Besides, fingernails grow faster than toenails.

A little advice: If you want your nails to be longer and stronger put garlic on them.

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