Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Healthy Nails [about nail nutrition].

Nail nutrition is a topic which affects both males and females. The good news is that the path to nail nutrition is not as difficult as some may fear it to be. Below are a few tips that will help you have healthy nails.
Frequent Nail Maintenance = Optimal Nail Nutrition: One way to truly care for one’s nails so that they exhibit the best possible nail nutrition is to care for them on a frequent basis. Healthy Nails [about nail nutrition].There are a few maintenance tips which will promote healthy nails.Fingernails should be trimmed often to promote the best possible nail condition. For men, nails should not be much longer than the fingertip. Women may keep their nails longer but they should still trim them on a routine basis so as to keep their nails healthy while they are growing.Individuals who maintain their nails to promote nutritious nails should use nail trimming tools and not pick or pull at the nails to make them shorter. Picking or pulling at the nail can lead to skin injuries around the nail.
Use Moisturizer for Nail Nutrition: Many individuals will use hand cream and moisturizer on a daily basis yet neglect the nail portion of the hand. It is important to moisturize the nails in order to keep them healthy. Regular hand cream or nail-specific moisturizing cream for nail nutrition can be used.
Treat Your Nails with Relative Caution: Nail nutrition will also be achieved if one does not use their nails in a careless manner. Avoid bitting your nails or using them tools to open packages and containers. Both of these habits will lead to bad nail nutrition and can easily damage nails.

Monday, June 18, 2007

All about brittle nails.

What is the brittle nails?
Brittle nails is a condition where the nails are fragile and break frequently. It can be due to an infection or a nutritional disorder, but they can also be an indication of several other medical conditions, including Iron deficiency, anemia, and hypothyroidism.Some solutions that have been proposed include vitamin supplements, gelatin, glucosamine, reducing the use of nail polish, and ensuring proper moisture.

All about brittle nails Causes of Brittle Nails:
Brittle nails are caused by a few different factors. One commonly cited cause of brittle nails is frequent hand washing or water usage. People who clean on a frequent basis will often have brittle nails, unless they take the necessary steps to protect themselves from being susceptible to such a nail condition.Another cause of brittle nails is rough treatment of hands and nails. Individuals who work with their hands such as in construction, artistry or other forms of manual labor will often have brittle nails. By identifying the true cause of brittle nails, one can be well on their way to resolving the issue and promoting healthy nails.

What to do about brittle nails:
The most common nail wreckers are harsh detergents and water, which can stress nail fibers. So be sure to put rubber gloves on while you clean or do dishes. Also, avoid using perfume lotions that usually contain alcohol if your nails are brittle. It will only make your nails worse. It may be possible that your calcium intake is low, as well.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Express Nails

Express NailsHow To Do Your Nails Fast:When you are in a rush, decisions have to be made. Prioritize. Do you shape or polish? Do you quick-dry or go the long, slow route? New formulas allow for snap decisions: Speed-dry enamels are worthy of their name (you can open mail, search for keys, or put on your tightest long-sleeved shirt within seconds), but there's a downside: "As fast as they dry, that's as fast they chip," insists manicurist Elisa Ferri, so save them for emergencies. Eke a few extra days out of a fast-dry manicure by doing a daily touch-up with a quick-drying coat. In the other corner, there are strong, chip-resistant formulas - the torttoise of the polish race. To pick up the pace of these tougher enamels, like L'Oreal Shock Proof, carefully submerge freshly painted nails in a bowl of ice-cold water for 30 seconds to harden still-groopy polish. Light or sheer shades are best for hasty manicures, Ferri says. "You can even get away with just a wide stripe down the center" rather than painstakingly painting the entire nail. If a manicure is beyond the repair of a topcoat or two, face facts and call in the remover. You can keep single-use packets of nail polish remover (Cutex and Get Fresh make them) on hand so you can strip away color on the run. When there is no time for polish, just clean underneath the nails, rub on a buffing cream, and shine them with a chamois buffer.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Natural Nails:Strong,Sexy,Great & Healthy!

Natural Nails:Strong,Sexy,Great & Healthy!Tips to Keep Your Nails Strong and Sexy
When you write down your shopping list, as you punch a phone number into your cell, while you wash dishes, do the ironing, clean the windows, or do one hundred other things that women do on any given day – do you take notice of the condition of your nails? Our hands are such an integral part of our daily lives, and constantly, we risk their health and strength, often without even noticing, because of the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day activities. Take a few moments each day, or at least a few times a week, to monitor the condition of your nails – the color, the texture, the appearance of ridges or white marks. Make a greater effort to take good care of your nails, and you will be thrilled with the way they complement your wardrobe and your own personal style. Consider the following tips as a way to enhance the health and quality of your nails.
Great, Healthy Nails
Apply speed-dry nail polish when time is of the essence. Drink lots of water. Keep your body hydrated everyday to maintain healthy nails. Fortify your diet with FDA approved vitamins or supplements. Your fingernails count on you to be responsible with your health and your diet. Unless instructed otherwise by your physician, increase your daily doses of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, folic acid, protein, Vitamin B12, and zinc. Touch up your manicure on a daily basis to prevent chips and cracks. Your nails depend on you to maintain a healthy diet. Take in lots.

Natural Nails:Strong,Sexy,Great & Healthy!Nail polish tips
Finish with a clear topcoat to add gloss and sheen. Start with a base coat to strengthen and protect the nails. Store nail polish in the refrigerator to maintain a smooth consistency. Try not to store nail polish in a room that becomes cold. The nail polish bottles may break without warning, leaving you with a big mess.

To avoid breaking nails or brittle nails
Avoid using your nails as tools. This means no picking, scratching, digging, pinching, etc. You know who you are! Increase the amount of calcium in your diet. Use products containing alcohol, especially perfumed lotions, sparingly. These items can make nails prone to breaking. Wear rubber gloves when you do chores that involve continual submersion in water or contact with harsh detergents or chemicals.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Girl’s Night Out Styles here!

Attract some attention with a wild and crazy style – be it zebra stripes, metallic glints or otherwise. Perfect for a night to the clubs or a date out on the town. Do a quick version of a French manicure by painting the base coat of A Girl’s Night Out Styles here!your nails in a neutral tone, such as a salmon color. With a white hue, once dry, paint the tips of your nails carefully and as uniformly as possible. This works best if you are able to grow your nails out a bit so you can use your natural nails’ anatomy as a guide. Glitter and glamour – Choose a base color to use on all of your nails to complement your outfit. Allow that coat to dry – paint another coat if necessary. Once the nails are smudge-proof, take a glass coat of clear gloss or a sparkle coat that matches the chosen color and add your own special touches. Dark blue and black look very nice with silver glitter, red with gold glitter, though the combination possibilities are endless. These glittery styles may complement wedding apparel, semi-formalwear and even casual attire. To save even more time, apply a clear coat to your nails each day to protect the polish from chipping. Experiment with decals and nail transfers if you are not up for designing your own artistic themes. Be creative, do not get discouraged and remember, the more practice you get, the easier it will become each time you try a new style!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Pedicure of summer!

Pedicure of summer!Nail it:

Your nails take a beating in summer. Make sure you care for them properly and they'll look positively gorgeous.
Pedicure of summer!In the buff:
Hard skin builds up quickly on your feet in summer because they're more exposed than in winter. Using a pumice stone every night in the bath or shower will prevent your heels from cracking and needing more drastic action. After using a pumice stone on stubborn areas, rub over your feet with an exfoliator and apply a nourishing foot treatment cream to keep skin soft. Bright nails look lovely in summer, but if you can't maintain them, rather use a buffing kit that makes nails look pretty with minimal effort. Buffing also removes the orange stain that nail polish leaves behind after it has oxidised on the nail plate.

Pedicure of summer!Go for bright:
As soon as summer sandals come out of your cupboard, so should pretty nail polish, at least on your toes. Make sure that your nails are well prepared by smoothing any ridges with a buffing kit or a ridge filler. Keep toenails short to prevent the tips from chipping and apply a topcoat every two to three days to protect the colour. Fast-drying formulations tend to chip more quickly than regular nail polish, so if you plan on walking barefoot on the beach, take the time initially to apply a regular nail polish rather than having to redo the whole process because it's chipped so quickly.
A quick fix:
No time to resuscitate scruffy nails? The press-on kits give you beautiful nails in a flash. The best are the press-on French-manicured toenails; your toenails don't suffer close scrutiny, so you can get away with falsies more easily. Clean your toenails with regular nail-polish remover to remove any trace of oil on the nail plate before you apply the stick-ons so that they'll stay put. They can also be painted over should you prefer a different finish.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Are your hands ready to the summer?

Groomed hands
Summer puts the body back on show, including hands and feet. Your hands work hard for you, so take care of them.Manicured hands are essential for a well-groomed appearance. The secret to a good manicure is the correct equipment, quality products and patience. Perfect nails should not be rushed.

Manicured handsStep-by-step guide to beautiful nails:
1. Remove old nail polish with a cotton ball dipped in acetone-free nail-polish remover.
2. Make sure you always file your nails in one direction only.
3. The fashionable nail shape right now is the 'squoval', a cross between a square and an oval. This shape has been proven to give nails the most strength to ensure they don't break easily.
4. Soak your fingers in a pampering nail soak.
5. Apply a cuticle cream according to the instructions on the packaging and gently push back your cuticles.
6. Apply a nail cream or nail oil and massage each nail and cuticle to improve circulation and growth, and relieve dryness.
7. Apply a good hand cream to your hands to help prevent premature ageing.
8. Get rid of any excess oil by cleaning your nails with an acetone-free nail-polish remover.
9. Apply a base coat.
10. Apply one coat of nail polish.
11. Wait until completely dry and apply a second coat.
12. Apply a topcoat once the second coat is completely dry.
Think about it:
When manicuring your nails, consider your lifestyle, habits and environment. For example, if you use your hands a lot – typing, working with children or nursing – rather go for natural, short nails. Also keep in mind any sport or hobbies you enjoy, and what would be best suited to those pursuits. If you live in a harsh environment or regularly work outdoors, your hands and nails will need a weekly regime of nourishing and soaking.
Good idea:
Microwave two plastic sandwich bags filled with some hand cream for three seconds. Put your hands into the bags for five minutes, then gently push back your cuticles with an orange stick wrapped in cotton wool.
aloe veraPampering nail soak:
1 cup of bottled water
juice of 1 lemon
1 tablespoon aloe vera gel
10 drops lemon essential oil
Soak your fingers in this energising mixture for about 10 minutes.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Time on your hands

In your 20s:
Prevention is better than cure.Get into the habit now of applying sunscreen to the back of your hands after you've applied it to your face. When you're driving, your hands are constantly exposed on the steering wheel, because UVA penetrates through glass.
By protecting your hands now, you'll prevent pigmentation blotches later, which can be time-consuming and costly to erase.
Products to try:
Revlon Nail Care De-Aging Hand Cream with SPF 10 R59,95.

In your 30s:
Beautiful hands in a hurry.Keep a tube of hand cream next to your hand basin, next to your bed and in your car – and apply it often.
But if your hands seem beyond repair, book a specialised manicure: Warm oil is massaged onto your hands and then they're dipped in paraffin wax to boost the effect (your hands heat up in the wax). It's the best way to get beautiful hands... fast.
Products to try:
Essie The Cuticle Pen R137. No bottle, no spills, so keep it in your handbag to apply to dry cuticles. Jessica Nail Whitener R99. A quick coat gives nails a groomed, glossy appearance. Medisan Waterless Hand Cleanser R8,95. Keep this product in your bag to clean your hands anywhere; it won't leave them feeling parched.

In your 40s:
Banish blotchy pigmentation.Regular exfoliation will keep your hands looking smooth and youthful. It removes dry skin, and also improves the appearance of superficial blotchiness caused by pigmentation.
A hand cream that contains antioxidants, retinol or hydroxy acids will also help, but it needs to be applied regularly.
Cape Town dermatologist Dr Ean Smit recommends microdermabrasion to treat pigmentation. IPL is another option. You should see results after the first of these non-invasive treatments, but subsequent treatments might be necessary if blotches are large or numerous.
It is very important to apply a sunblock after IPL or microdermabrasion to prevent pigmentation from returning or intensifying.
Products to try:
Sally Hansen Age Correct Retinol Hand Créme R81,95.

In your 50s:
Help for bony hands.With age, the layer of dermal fat that gives the skin its cushioning diminishes, so hands and feet look bonier and blood vessels become more obvious. Fat can be injected into the hands to soften the boniness, but respected South African plastic surgeon Dr Gavin Morrison recommends caution. 'One needs to be careful with hands, as their primary purpose is function. Also, because fat takes best where there is some subcutaneous tissue in which to site it, the risk is irregularity.'

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Art of Nails By Jacqui Jefford

Jacqui JeffordJacqui Jefford has now held her position of professional excellence within the nail industry for over twenty years. Jacqui is widely renowned as a nail art authority, her work recognised as pioneering and her style and creativity highly sought after by an extensive A-list clientele.
The Art of Nails presents five cutting-edge collections. Demonstrating 28 exciting styles in step by step detail, she offers a remarkable blend of glamour and inspiration invaluable to anyone who shares Jacqui’s passion for nails. Styles range from fashion to fancy dress and all showcase stunning photography. Expert explanations make her incredible work achievable to fellow nail art lovers.

Friday, March 30, 2007

What's your fashion personality?

Did you know that nails are the hottest fashion accessory?

nail styles

nail styles

nail styles

See which celebrities share your fashion personality. Use your personal tastes and style to choose from the six fashion types below. We'll tell you what nail styles you might like and what Creative Nail Design products will help you achieve your look.

Friday, March 23, 2007

International Nail Technicians Association

Seeing a need to provide education, networking opportunities, and a sense of community to nail technicians, Cosmetologists Chicago acquired the Illinois Nail Technicians Association in June 2001. A new organization was launched with the purpose of providing an association “home” to nail care professionals, dedicated to the needs of technicians and the industry.
We help nail technicians grow professionally and personally by providing Expert Education, Networking Opportunities, Valuable Information about Fashion, Trends & Technique Guidelines, and Standards & Ethics Guidelines.

International Nail Technicians Association
2035 Paysphere Circle
IL 60674Phone: 312-321-5161
Fax: 312.245.1080

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What is the pedicure?

A pedicure is a way to improve the appearance of the feet, and their nails. It basically is a manicure for the feet. The word pedicure comes form the Latin words pes, which means foot, and cura, which means care. It also means the care of the feet and toenails. A pedicure can be helpful because it can prevent nail pedicurediseases and nail disorders.


The history of pedicures dates back to ancient Egypt. A carving of a pharaoh's official was noted as representing pedicures and manicures.
Pedicures contain different parts:
1. Filing

2. Cuticle nipping - clipping excess cuticle around nail. When clipping cuticles, care needs to be taken to avoid infection.

3. Cleansing the nails - wash nails in finger bath with warm, soapy water.

4. Buffing - shaping of the nails. the nails.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What is the manicure?

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands. A manicure can treat just the hands, just the nails, or both. A standard
manicuremanicure usually includes filing and shaping of the nails and the application of polish, but there are also also speciality manicures. Treatments for hands usually include soaking in a softening substance and application of hand lotion. A similar treatment performed on the feet is a pedicure. nailsThe word "manicure" comes from the Latin manus, meaning "hand," and cura meaning "care".
Manicures often include the filing, polishing, and painting of fingernails. A manicure may also include the application of artificial nail tips, acrylics or artificial nail gels. Some manicures can include the painting of pictures or designs on the nails or applying small decals or imitation jewels. In many areas, manicurists are regulated and must be licensed. Since the skin is being manipulated and sometimes trimmed, and because there is a risk of infection when tools are used on multiple people, proper sanitation is critical.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nail Color In Fashion

It's red for the night - we are talking pure fire-engine matte red, the sort of red that makes men go week at the knees and declares you're a bad girl.
The pinks and purples which held sway for a bit have now become the officially day time colors.
The fantastic steel gray, which became a universal shade for the wannabe hip cats have now come back and is so much in fashion.
The neon greens and blues are best left to the teen brigade where they are slowly crawling down the ladder from hip to has-been.
Transparent camels and frosted sables are the shades to watch out for on toes. These are the shades they're showing off in open toed sling-backs in Hollywood. They're also wearing matte and opalescent whites. However, since both pale and pearly nail polish tend to highlight any bumps or ridges, prime nails with a clear base coat first.
Nail polish with Shimmer is so in fashion that all the top brands like Estee Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent and L'Oreal have got an entire range to show off .
sheer coat - the transparent shines are the surest, softest and the most chic look amongst the haves. Let those with the soft sheen of gloss show the true shade of the nail underneath.
For the woman who has more chores like cooking and cleaning to be done, such daredevil bravery of using a sheer coat is uncalled for… such women should get themselves a skin tone matte, or a light peach opalescent. It doesn't show as much when it chips.
Darker colored polishes diminish imperfections by absorbing light and are easier to touch-up. The more transparent you go, the better shape your nails have to be in.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Finger Nails

Finger Nails:
-Yellow Nails - Soak your nails in one-fourth cup of bleach mixed with one-half cup of water.
-Not Quite Dry - Coat wet nails with cuticle oil and cover your nails with plastic wrap.

-Polish Smudge - Moisten the pad of your finger with polish remover and tap lightly to smooth it out.
-Chipped Polish - Moisten your finger with polish remover and quickly swipe over the chipped area to smooth out the edges.
-Broken Nail - If the break isn’t too low, carefully cut the nail, file it, and trim the other nails so they’re of equal length. For a big break apply a couple of drops of nail glue to the surface of the nail. Let set and hold the break in place for about a minute. Reapply glue and cover the nail with a piece of tea bag or tissue. Let dry, and then buff excess off.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

What are Gel Nails?

They are a new, more natural looking alternative to Acrylic Nail extensions.Unlike acrylics, the UV gel used to create the nails have no discomforting odors. There is no glue involved in the process, eliminating unecessary nail damage caused by lifting. Gel Nails are created with a layer of base gel, brushed into a mould then cured by a UV Lamp. Gel nails are limitless in their design capabilities, and can even be reinforced with fiberglass for extra strength and repairs purposes.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Acrylic & Gel Nails

Acrylic nails
Acrylic nails are called many different names, with the nail technician's least favorite being "fake nails". We much prefer the term artificial nails. There are several different types of artificial nail enhancement products as well as application procedures. The most commonly applied enhancement is traditional acrylic, which is a two-part system of monomer and polymer. This type of product can be applied with one color of acrylic, pink and white acrylic for a Permanent French look, or can be applied with colored acrylic, glitter acrylic or in any combination. Pink and white acrylic nails are often referred to as "Solar Nails". Solar Nail is a product made by Creative Nail Design Systems and includes their Original Solar Nail, Radical Solar Nail, Retention + , and Moxie acrylic systems. Unless you actually see this product in its original bottle on the nail table, your nails may not be 'Solar Nails".
Gel Nails
Gel acrylic is a one-part system consisting of the application of a thick viscosity gel acrylic. Gel is normally 'cured' under a UV light. Do not confuse gel with traditional acrylic. Even though the two products are actually acrylic, they apply and wear differently. Gel applied over acrylic to seal the surface does not make your nails "Gel Nails". Gel nails are actually acrylic nails. They are made from the same class of acrylates, but with different molecular structures, appearance, application procedures and different curing methods. Be certain you are receiving the artificial nails you requested.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nails Fashion. Last Tendencies.

Dark nail polish. The whole epoch has passed since times of sensational nail polish "Vamp" by Chanel. So as to correspond to this image now, you don't have to be very courageous. Look at Hilary Duff, Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton. Today black nail polish became classics, and we can find it even in Chanel department . Deep, bloody red, black chocolate and other colors adjoining with black are colors that stars choose.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nail Tips. Care Questions & Answers.

*How do I avoid getting polish on my cuticles?
Instead of painting right from the cuticle, place the brush on the nail bed about 1/8" away from the cuticle and push backwards toward it, stopping just before the skin.

*That's too much do remove polish from my cuticles?

Plan ahead. Paint your nails about an hour before bedtime, leaving the messy polish on. When taking a shower the next morning, the polish will soften and peel off. Any stubborn polish still left on the skin can easily be removed by rubbing it with a soft towel. Polish not dry yet? In a rush? Use a cotton swab and nail polish remover to do a quick removal.

*How do I keep my polish from peeling near the skin?

Lightly buff the top of your nail near your cuticle with a fine-grained file. This will take away the top oily enamel and allow better adhesion.

*My polish doesn't peel near the skin, it peels at the tips, what am I doing wrong?
It's usually one of these two things...
•You've used two or more coats of ridge-filler and followed with a couple coats of polish. To avoid peeling, stick to only one coat of ridge-filler, and wait until it's completely dry to apply the regular polish.

•You've painted a couple thick coats instead of a few thin ones. Always use thin coats, it gives better coverage, dries faster and lasts longer.
*I can't apply thin coats, my nail polish is just thick to begin with. What should I do?
If you really want your nail polish to keep well in the bottle, keep it in the refrigerator, this will extend its shelf-life.

*I keep getting those darn bubbles!

Two things can cut down significantly on bubbles:
ROLL the bottle between your palms, instead of shaking it. Shaking just whips bubbles into the polish. Also, use only thin coats.
*Why does my polish keep cracking?

Try applying a thin clear coat of polish every other night to avoid this.

*My nails keep splitting in layers at the top, will eating gelatin and drinking milk help strengthen them?

No and no. These are just myths. Your fingernails are made of keratin, the same protein as hair. Have you ever seen conditioner brag that it has calcium in it? Probably not. What WILL help strengthen your nails is to avoid filing them as much as possible, and when you have to, file in one direction only. You know what happens if you keep bending a wire back and forth? The same thing happens to nails, just on a different level. Other tips... use gloves when washing dishes and doing other household chores. Keep exposure to harsh chemicals at a minimum, especially bleach.

*People say that you need different moisturizers for your nails than for your hands...why?

Well, back to the protein thing again. Would you use hand cream on your hair? Unlikely. The fact is that your fingernails absorb water 100 times faster than your skin does...and they lose the moisture just as fast as they absorb it. So considering how much hand cream you need in the wintertime, think how thirsty your nails are, and recognize that they need just as must tenderness (if not more) than your hands do.

*I work with food, so my hands are constantly in water. What can I do to keep my manicure nice?

I only see two choices really.
•Keep nails well-trimmed, and don't wear polish to work (not even clear, it'll just crack and peel).

•Get thee to a nail salon! In my opinion, acrylic is to fingernails what Godiva is to chocolate. Only nail enhancements will stand up to the beating your hands will take.