Friday, December 22, 2006

Fashion manicure

The manicure executed up to the mark - not less important accessory in the celebratory order, than a handbag or a scarf. That nails became your true ornament, masters of manicure advise to consider any trifle: length of clothes, height of a heel, is shorter - all your style.

Not one season in nail-design is in the lead the French manicure. Being classics of a genre, it constantly varies and changes depending on solemnity of event and even a season. Variant for a party - the French manicure with spangle. Will approach for a holiday and a marble french manicure (one more name of the French manicure) where tips of nails are formed of acryle or gel of different colors. The French manicure "Chameleon" approaches girls who love changes. The edge of a nail is modelled from transparent gel or acryle, and from a underside becomes covered by a varnish-chameleon. Nails will please you with the novelty because colors can be changed though every day.
If up to a banquet you should be in office, pertinent manicure - the turned French. For example, a black tip and a white nail plate. Or a black nail and a white tip. Colors can choose any, but are most beautiful - contrast combinations.