Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gel Nails. How To Make Your Nails Great-Looking.

Gel nails are a hot topic today — especially in European countries. As a matter of fact, most salons in Europe now offer to their clients gel nails enhancement.
Gel nails have big advantages over acrylic nails. Gel nails are lightweight, odorless, flexible, clear, and more natural looking. So, if you want an immediate solution to nice nails, gel nails is definitely it!

A gel nails kit typically consists of the basic manicure set, such as buffers, files, tips, and so on, UV light, gel brushes, gels, gel cleansers, and gel wipes. Gel nails is not easy to make, but it is a technique that can be easily learned.

Gel nails can be used in full nail or tip overlays. They can also be shaped to form nail extensions. Likewise, gel nails can be used to protect the damaged edges of the nails as they grow out.

First, prep your nails, and apply tips if you so desire. Then, apply a thin coat of gel over the nails, and cure. Apply another coat of gel, but this time, add the arches as well; cure once more. Apply a third coat of gel, adding more arches, then cure. Now, clean your nails, shape them according to your preferences, and buff them till they are smooth. Polish your nails, or apply a gloss coat over them.

Achieving a perfect set of nails can be difficult to achieve and maintain, but with gel nails you can have beautiful, natural-looking nails in an instant.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Pure lemon juice will protect hands from becoming coarse if you regularly work in a garden or a kitchen garden. It is recommended to rub hands with a lemon juice or a squeezed lemon. Even after massaging your hands with squeezed lemon pulp will make your skin soft and will "erases" potato, vegetables and fruit stains out of your fingers.

Lemon can remove nicotine stains from fingers. You should wipe fingers with a pumice to moisten with lemon juice three times a day for some days. A lemon helps to get rid of humidity and disposition to sweating. One has to carefully wash and wipe hands with a mix of 5 parts of alcohol and 1 part of a lemon juice not less than three times every day.

If your nails are fragile it means lack of vitamin C and calcium in organism. To have strong nails it is recommended to use more milk products, carrots, tomato juice and to wipe nails with lemon juice. Your nails will become stronger and shining. However, do not overuse lemon juice. It can provoke chinks on your nails.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Nail Fungus. How to Get Rid of It Fast.

Fungus can appear on nails. If you have fake nails over your real nails, you risk to have fungi. So, if your solution to prevent nail fungi from developing is to wear fake nails, it will not work at all. Acrylic nails will only hide the fungus, but it cannot stop it from developing.

If fungi are growing in your nails, you will be glad to know that nail fungi are treatable, and there are several methods by which you can get rid of them. One of the best ways to effectively treat nail fungus, if you are having acrylic nails on top of your real nails, is to remove your acrylic nails first. Remember that you can not treat the fungus with an ointment or cream if it is hidden behind your artificial nails. Once you have done so, you will need to cut your real nails as short as possible so that you can apply an antifungal agent on the affected nails.

You can also take doctor-prescribed medications or go for alternative medicines. Reportedly, there are quite a lot of plants that have powerful antifungal properties. If you’d rather go for this option, then you should start looking for plants with tea-tree oil because tea-tree oil not only has excellent antifungal properties, but it also works well as an antibacterial or antiviral. Alternative meds for nail fungus are natural, and they often come in topical preparations.

Before beginning any treatment, however, be sure that what you are suffering from is really nail fungus and not something else. There are some other disorders of the nails that may exhibit similar characteristics as nail fungi, so, it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist to be sure that you are applying the right treatment.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Solar Nails are the next best thing to your own innate nails.
Solar nails are alike acrylic but solar nails are made with a slightly different material. They are not extensions like other acrylic nails because they are applied directly to your own innate nail.
The 1st thing your nail technician will do to apply solar nails is to brush on the “white part” of the French nail. Then the next application is the “pink part”, which goes over the “white”. The acrylic is the “pink”.
Solar nails are just like a French manicure with all the pampering but without the hassle. They are applied in a 2 step application. After your nails have been prepared for the application by cleaning and buffing your nails and preparing the nail plate then your solar nail application can begin.
Solar nails are long lasting, don't chip, and also help to strengthen your nails all in a French manicure style. Your nail technician will buff your new solar nails and they'll be shiny and ready for anything.
Solar nails are the no hassle fake nails. They don't need to have nail polish so after the pink part is added you are on your way.
Solar nails only need refilled approx. every three weeks. So, they are more economical and convenient than most fake nails.
If you like to tan, solar nails are wonderful as they do not turn yellow as some artificial nails do when you visit your favorite tanning salon.
When you step out with your solar nails you wont need to worry about them lifting off, turning yellow or chipping. Just care about your nails and hands like you always do and you will never have a problem. You will be able to do anything that you normally do without carrying about being easy on your fake nails.
More models and TV stars are using solar nails today. These nails are really for ladies on the go. They can be applied in less time and last so much longer. The ease of caring for these nails is amazing. It will be like your own natural nails.
Your nail technician can explain the great advantages to using solar nails instead of other acrylic nails. You will be so pleased with your new solar nails that you will not want to ever use any other fake nail.

Solar Nails

Monday, August 18, 2008

How to Remove Acrylic Nails. Some Usefull Advices.

Removing acrylic nails is really simple. All you have to do is soak your hands in warm water for around fifteen minutes. Take them out, put some more hot water in a big bowl. Take a small bowl and put nail polish remover in it. You would soon see that the nails turn into a gluey sticky substance. After doing all this just put some cuticle oil and hand cream.

You can took your Acrylic nails off by using the soaking in Acetone method. Maybe you dread doing this because it dries your skin out so badly and sometimes burns. BUT you can add baby oil to the acetone and it is a lot less harsh on your skin. It worked normal and you will not get burnt.

Try to use solar oil because your natural nail is drying out underneath and that is why the nail lifts like it does. If that doesn't work obviously the nail tech let the gel run over the cuticle area and that is also why it lifted. You find a new nail tech.

But the best advice is not to try and pry them off yourself. Better aply to specialists and get them professionally removed. Save yourself the trouble and the intense pain if something goes wrond in your home "operation".

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Solution For Those Who Have Troublesome Toenails

This is a quite interesting new product for anyone who might not have enough time to get a toe-job, or for those people who have troublesome toenails. This product is from Kiss, who has a great line of manicure and pedicure supplies - and these are press-on toenails in a beautiful French (this time) Pedicure color. I have seen many a troubled toenail in my days - the worst problems had by different sport games players. Bruised, lost, mangled - all these problems can be covered up temporarily with these new Product. They come in two tones - one for warm and one for cool skin colors.

Twenty four pre-glued stick on toe nails in 10 sizes (doubled popular sizes) to give you the perfect pedicure. Even for the little tiny toenail. You can just apply and wear for a night or up to three days. Fast, simple and safe on natural toenails.

Easy to apply and remove. No glue needed for night or up to 3 days. Removed with water.

Friday, July 04, 2008

How To Give Yourself a French Manicure

Before you start doing a French manicure, make certain that you have followed the general rule for putting on nail polish. You should prep your nails first by removing old nail polish with nail-polish remover. Then clean your nails and give them a trim.

Once you are done cleaning and trimming your nails, go ahead and apply a base coat to your nails. Keep this base coat thin and even. Then put a tip guide to your nail. This is supposed to cover the lower part of your nail as well as follow the curve of your nail tip's natural white. When you are done with that, apply white polish to the exposed tips of your nails, and then let them dry. Keep the area that you will paint white thin. If you go too widely on the white paint, your nails will look short and thick. Also, if you do not feel comfortable with stark white tips, you can use off-white polish instead.

When the white polish on the tips of your nails is dry, remove the nail tip guides thoroughly. After that paint the entire length of your nails with a beige polish. Two coats of this polish may be necessary. After this, put a layer of top coat on your nails. This is the last step; after putting on the top coat, dry your fingernails and make certain they dry completely.

To extend the life of your French manicure and to keep your nails nice and good looking , you should make it a point to apply an extra layer of top coat on your nails every night.

For all its seeming simplicity, putting on a French manicure can get really tricky. Many chemist's and beauty shops sell readily-assembled nail polishing equipment especially made for the French manicure. If you need extra help, you can find these equipment very useful.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What manicure is the most prefered by celebritys.

Saturated pink
Barbadian singer and model Rihanna loves saturated pink. This nail color makes every dress fresher. Modern girl always gos with the times

An American television and film actress JESSICA ALBA's preference is bordeaux. Though black nails are a history now Bordeaux is still in fashion.

Hilary Duff is an American actress, pop singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. She loves this colour because it looks lovely in the morning and in the evening as well.

Fergie's is an American pop/R&B singer-songwriter, actress, and rapper. Her modern choice is orange colour. She is really fashionable woman and we have to believe her!

French manicure
Victoria Beckham is an English pop singer, songwriter, dancer, turned fashion designer, author, businesswoman, and occasional actress and model. She shows combination of pink and white. She loves French manicure very much, so do we.