Monday, December 13, 2010

Gel Or Acrylic Nails? What to choose?

Both acrylic and gel nails have their benefits. Both acrylic and gel can be used with and without a nail tip for added length. Both need to be filled in about two weeks or so. There are different opinions on which is stronger. There are many persons and many opinions. The main advantage of gel applications is that they are inodorous while the smell of acrylic nails can be overwhelming.

Besides gel nails look extremely natural, with and without an added tip. And can be worn with or without nail polish. Acrylic nails look best when polished. As with all fake nails, gel especially should be applied by a professional. If gel is not cured correctly or if the gel is not applied thin enough between coats, there can be many problems. If there is any little vacuum between your nail and artificial a nail fungus can appear. Dont ever forget to ask the nail salon if they are properly trained in gel applications.

Gel nails picture gallery.

Acrylic nails picture gallery.